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Centennial Park School

A place to belong. A way to achieve. - Centennial School District

Enrollment Information

1) Student completes Centennial Park Application, turns in with transcript and any important educational documents to main office.

2)  We strive to enroll students at the beginning of our instructional quarters. Open Houses are scheduled prior to the start of each quarter. We strongly encourage all applicants and their families to attend an Open House prior to enrollment. If student application comes in the middle of an instructional quarter, we will attempt to schedule intakes prior to the upcoming quarter, as appropriate, dependent on space availability.

3) Intake meeting is scheduled with Evening School Coordinator and/or Principal on Wednesday, if parent is not available at that time meeting scheduled at another time.

4) Intake interview conducted.

5) Student placed on potential new enrollee list.

6) Students notified of enrollment prior to start of quarter or as soon as possible.

7) Opportunity to make an appointment w/advisor is made available prior to start date.

8) If no space is available students will be placed on waiting list and updated as space becomes available.