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So Long, Simon!

Picture of Simon Frumkin

Math teacher Simon Frumkin announced recently that he is leaving CPS to teach overseas.

He will be packing up his house and family and moving to Tatarstan, in central Russia, where he will to teach at the International School of Kazan.  Most of his job will be teaching physics to high schoolers, but he will also teach some things to middle schoolers.

Simon has taught at CPS for 12 years.  We will miss his ability to help students grasp complex concepts in math and science, his quick wit, his board game knowledge, and his jam-band expertise.

Simon reports that he will miss feeling like he is making an impact in his own East County community.  He feels like it will be weird teaching in a new place, in a new community that he has as not yet developed a stake in.

But he’s looking forward to new challenges for himself and for his kids.

We’ll miss you, Simon! Keep us up to date and send us pictures.  We want to see you in Tatarstan!


Link to Simon’s new school.


Information about Kazan