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Au Revoir, Shoeless Daniel McNeme

Daniel looking up at the late-slip-paper cranes on his ceiling.

There times when schools and districts make decisions to alter the landscape of staffing and we lose an amazing member of our community.  At CPS, this is one of those years and one of those times.


Daniel McNeme, Language Arts teacher extraordinaire, will be leaving us at the end of this year. Daniel is known for his deep knowledge of Literature, Writing, and Rhetoric, his “no shoes, no problem” style sense, his ever-endearing Muttley laugh, and his ability to remain unflappable in the highest stress moments. He is also an expert in crafting origami cranes and has created a Thousand Cranes installation in his advisory with cranes made entirely out of late slips.


Daniel has been a fixture at Centennial Park since 2017 when he served as a student teacher in the Language Arts department. He outshone other candidates and secured his place as a teacher in our environment for the 2018-2019 school year. Daniel has since taught many deep and meaningful classes that have engaged students. He always looks at what students can do, not can’t do, and helps them connect what they’re learning to their lives.


We will miss Daniel’s energy, positivity, and hip-hop (as well as Derrida) references. He is an outstanding colleague who has a long (and possibly shoeless?) career ahead of him as a teacher.

Stay gold,

Najwa and Conrad