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Ajai Rides On

Aja & Family on bike outing

Ajai Huja, Centennial Park School’s Principal for the past six years, announced last week that he will not be returning next year. Ajai will be stepping down from his position here to spend more time with his family and to take on a new challenge of working with Stand for Children. In his announcement to the school community, Ajai spoke about the honor he has felt serving our community, and he talked about his excitement to start his new position. He said he is sad to leave this amazing community,” but excited to have “have more space for [his] own family.”


Ajai will be missed by all of the community of Centennial Park School. The staff, students, and parents all know what a great impact he has had on our school and on our lives. He has helped to steer the school through some significant changes in the past six years, always focused on what is fair and equitable for the students and for their parents.  We will miss the joy and laughter he brought to all of our lives and to the hallways. We wish him well, and know that we will see him around in the future.