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Student dressed as mad scientist "Doc Brown"


Science is buzzing at CPS!

Environmental Science students are studying renewable sources of energy with wind turbines and solar panels. They are asking questions, designing tests, making inferences, and drawing connections to the world of technology that they live in.  Their final project is to design and build an energy transformation device, present what they have engineered, and explain how technology and engineering are working to solve the problems associated with our rising energy needs!

Student-built energy-transfer contraption; windmill-like

Biology students are hatching chicks!  They are studying evolution through the lens of embryology.  They are learning the skills for incubating, candling, and collecting data over a long-term project.  They are looking at homologous structures by comparing chicken anatomy to human anatomy.

Two shelves of eggs in incubator

Science Inquiry students have multiple projects going!  Students are independently doing research into an area of study they are interested in.  We have experiments in such things as “The Effect of Cooling Rate on Crystal Growth,” “The Effect of Gravity on Plant Growth,” “The Effect of Particle Size on Reaction Rate,”   to name a few!

Seedlings in cups with bottles in tray

Outside, the school garden is growing!  Students are learning sustainable gardening, providing food for the culinary program at our school, and studying sustainable organic agriculture.

Student smiling in garden, tool in hand

On any day the science classroom is a busy and exciting place with shelves of experiments, equipment, incubators, and even live chicks!  No, it’s not particularly always neat and organized, but as Bill Nye would say, “It’s SCIENCE!”

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