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Evening Program Revamp

Evening Program (formerly known as Night School) is changing it up a bit!


The goal is to strike a balance between building community through regular instructional classes and building initiative and independence through independent work time.


Our hours and class structure are all new this quarter.


Students are expected to arrive at 3:15 and they are expected to be here until 5:45 every evening, Monday through Thursday.  


Students arrive at 3:15 to check in at the Evening Program office, and to follow up with any teachers they need to regarding the work they are doing independently.


At 3:30-5:45 they go to three classes for forty-five minutes each.  Two of these classes are core classes that help the students’ progress towards graduation, and the third class is an Advisory/ Independent study class that builds in time for the students to work on any academic areas they need to work on with the support of the teacher and their peers.


So far we are in the middle of the first quarter of these changes, but things seem to be flowing nicely. ☺