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Advisor Students Design Advisory Curriculum

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As adults, we’ve all been there. We’ve confronted countless situations for which we were unprepared. Flat tire? Nobody taught us how to deal with that. Been awhile since you’ve had a raise…nobody coached us how to approach that situation with our boss. Thanks to an article written by another high school student, Carly Styer, our advisories are looking into “50 Things I Wish I’d Been Taught in High School”( https://www.huffingtonpost.com/carly-steyer/50-things-i-wish-id-been-taught-in-high-school_b_7153806.html)


After reading her fairly exhaustive list, students were asked to identify the top five skills they would like to know before they leave CPS. Two Advisories, 24 students, came up with lists that were remarkably similar. How do you change a tire? How do you pay taxes? Many students want understandable factual information about what their rights are when interacting with the police. What may surprise many adults in our students’ lives is the fact that many, many students want to know “how to balance school work, extracurriculars, social life, family time, time to yourself  and sleep  without burning yourself out”.


During the next two quarters these student-identified learning targets will be addressed through demonstrations, lessons, presentations and discussions. Making these lessons truly student initiated and a curriculum to be used in Advisory class for years to come!

-Donna Brent and Susan Wentland

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