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Middle School Business: Dollar Poppers

Picture of student in class

The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at CPS have engaged in starting a new school fundraiser here at school. The name of the business is Dollar Poppers.  Yes, this involves selling popcorn for $1.00 per bag of popcorn on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.


To begin this fundraiser, students had to investigate what supplies we would need to open a business, what the supplies would cost, and how we could find funding for our project.  Students shopped on line for the best economic deals.  We were able to start the business for $31.00.  Students have recorded weekly the amount of sales and kept track of supplies level to guarantee that we have enough supplies for the next business day.
The classroom as of date has made $76.00, (in the positive) which has been deposited in the CPS general student purpose account, to be used for purchase for individual students’ needs, such as materials for CPS’s three sport teams, and for our prom.  This has become a great opportunity to teach students math skills, and the beginning skills of running and operating a small business.